About rocket.works

What is rocket.works?

At the moment, rocket.works comprises the freelancer Dominik Friedrich and, as necessitated by the jobs in hand, a set of external employees.rocket.works - Webdesign Frankfurt

I am specialized in creating websites, web apps, and the perfect user experience, as well as in all and everything to do with WordPress.

In addition, I offer many extra services, such as web hosting, optimizing of existing projects, and a wide variety of consulting possibilities.

Due to my extensive network with other freelancers and agencies, I can offer even better satisfaction.

Those additional services include, among others:

  • All-round printing (business cards, posters, billboards, etc.)
  • Development and marketing of digital games (mobile, web, and computer games)
  • Complex animations (2D and 3D)
  • Film production (e.g. image films)
  • Creation of 3D art (characters and solid models of all kinds)
  • 2d illustration (concept art, comics, etc.)

Who is rocket.works?

Dominik Friedrich

In my early years, I was already interested in the newly arising technology that was the Internet. I created my first website at the age of 10.me

At the age of 12, I created complex PHP applications and, together with my brother, we created our first computer games.

After my apprenticeship as a mercantile IT assistant and my graduation from the city college, I started my studies in the field of Digital Media. In 2010 I got my degree in Digital Media: Animation & Game.

During my studies, I had already started to work for the company Crytek GmbH in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
At Crytek, I was one of the developers of games like Crysis 2 and 3, Homefront, Warface and Ryse: Son of Rome.

During my studies, I started dreaming of becoming a freelancer. At the end of 2014, this dream finally came true and I turned my hobby into my job.