You want a website that reaches your goals?

I can bring your ideas professionally to life using all the latest standards!

With maximum performance to success!

With a well-designed and optimized website created by a professional, you will reach your goals far more quickly and rise in popularity with your customers and in the ranking of the search engines.

With maximum performance to success

Complete Management

You don’t have time to deal with a website?

No problem, I will help you and take care of your website completely. That means I will keep it up-to-date in accordance with your wishes, technically, visually and content-wise.

Complete Management

Mobile-First, Responsive

All rocket.works websites are truly developed mobile-first and responsive.
This means they are developed with the smallest and weakest devices in mind – usually smartphones.

With that in mind, your website will be very fast and future-proof, because it will be able to adapt to any possible device and can therefore reach all your customers.

Into the bargain, it will rank even higher in the search results of search engines like Google, because they are starting to favor highly-optimized websites.

Mobile-First, Responsive

Cross-Browser Development

Because there is a wide variety of web browsers in existence, it is important to make your website compatible with as many of them as possible.

If you so wish, I can even optimize your website to run on browsers that are already centuries old (like the Internet Explorer 6).

Cross-Browser Development


If you like, rocket.works will host your website on highly secure servers located in Germany.

This will save you time and money, because you will be getting all the services from just one single source.


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